Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shark Tank Episode 403

PITCH: Liz Lovely Cookies
ABC Recap 
These cookies look delicious my wife who has to eat Gluten free is very interesting in trying them.  Using the company's website we found that a local Whole Foods was supposed to have them.  Unfortunately the Whole foods hasn't renewed there order in a awhile so no cookies bummer.

PITCH:  Rock Bands
ABC Recap 
The leather bands that this guy was selling were interesting but I don't have much interest in such a product.  It seemed like the Sharks agreed with me and were more interested in the trademarks then anything.

PITCH: FuzziBunz
ABC Recap  
As a parent who has a child in diapers I see the appeal of not having to buy a fifty dollar box of diaper every couple of weeks.  So far I have lucked out and my babies wonderful Grandparents have kept us well stocked.  Another appealing thing is not filling the landfills more the necessary.  Between diapers and diaper genie bags I really do feel like I am now contributing a lot of waste to my local landfill.  My wife and I are looking into at least giving these a try.      

PITCH:  Posture Now
ABC Recap  
My wife and I took lessons at Arthur Murray leading up to and for quite awhile after our wedding so I can understand any product that would help improve posture.  If my wife and I were still dancing a lot I think we would be really looking into buying one of these.

Of the items presented in this episode I think my level of interest would be the following:
  1. Liz Lovely Cookies 
  2. FuzziBunz
  3. Posture Now 
  4. Rock Bands
From this and previous episodes I've blogged about:
  1. Cordaroy's  (Thinking about buying)
  2. How Do You Roll
  3. Liz Lovely Cookies 
  4. FuzziBunz
  5. Posture Now 
  6. Proof Eyewear
  8. Smartwheel
  9. Lose 12 Inches with Any 12 Workouts
  10. Baby Loves Disco (Could move up as kids get older) 
  11. CellHelmet
  12. Green Garmento
  13. Pretty Padded Room
  15. Cold Snap
  16. Gotta Have S'More
  17. Rock Bands 
  18. PITCH: Hip Chixs
  19. Muddy Water Camo
  20. Addison's Wonderland  
  21. GRINDS 
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